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The Ring of Faeries and Elves
owned and operated
Melynda Latanzi.

This is the homepage for The Ring of Faeries and Elves.
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Any announcements or information concerning the The Ring of Faeries and Elves will be posted on this site. Please bookmark this page and check back from time to time to see if there is anything of interest to you. Also if there are problems with the ring check back here to see the status of the ring.
To become part of the ring I ask:
  • You MUST have a webpage!!!

  • That your site have something pertaining to Faeries, Elves or other magickal Weefolk

  • No profanity!

  • No frontal nudity (you can sneak alittle in! But nothing major!)


  • No negativity toward anybody!(this is a friendly ring!)

    Please do not use the graphic at the top of the page. It is for this Ring of Faeries and Elves Homepage only!

  • Fill out this form and submit your site.

    Register for The Ring of Faeries and Elves Database.
    Fill out ALL areas of this form. Leave NO blanks. If you do not have a URL (address for a home page), please come back later and submit.

    Site Title:
    Your Name:
    Site URL:
    Password: Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
    Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
    Description: Enter a short description of your site.
    (The password allows you to change info about your site later). Please do not forget it!)
    If you have any problems, e-mail

  • Once you submit this form you will recieve an e-mail confirming your page has been added to The Ring of Faeries and Elves database along with the html code (already edited to your site) which you must place on your page. If you DO NOT recieve an e-mail, the code and graphics are also below. Bookmark this page!! You are not yet part of the ring!! Once you've submitted the form and recieve the fragment, please place it on your page, generally within 24 hours of signing up. I will check out your page and see if you meet the criteria and if you do you will be added to the ring! If the fragment is not there within a week, you will be deleted from the queue and must reapply to join.

  • You must also save the two ring .gifs and upload them to your server in the same directory as your page...the graphics are included in the fragment BUT it is best that you save them and upload them to YOUR server...If I lose my graphics or my server is slow or down you will lose yours also.

    How to Download Images?
    • Find the graphic image below
    • Position your mouse pointer over the image
    • Click the RIGHT mouse button
    • Select "Save Image As"
    • Select your "C:\" drive
    • Give the file a name:
      • The one on the left is called faelfring.jpg
      • The one on the right is called faelfringnext.jpg

    • Select "save".

  • Copy and Paste the ring code to the page you submitted:
    • Highlight the code(press left button on mouse and slide cursor over area to be highlighted)
    • Press Control+ C (this will copy what you've highlighted)
    • Paste it to your document(Press right button on mouse and select paste)

  • Change the e-mail address and name so that they are your own.

  • Change the six references of:

    so that the id= is followed by your site id number.
    For example, if your id# is 6, the href should be something like:

  • When you have the ring code up,E-mail me You will recieve an e-mail soon after telling you you've been added to the ring!

For this code:
This The Ring of Faeries and Elves site is owned by Melynda.

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copy this code starting with <center> and ending with </center>

<CENTER><TABLE BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=0> <TR><TD align="center" width="15%"> <A HREF="" target=_top> <img src="" border=0></A></TD> <TD align="center" width="33%"><font face="Gaelic">This</font> <A HREF="" target=_top><font face="Gaelic">The Ring of Faeries and Elves</font></A> <font face="Gaelic">site is owned by</font> <A HREF="mailto:YOUR_E-MAIL"><font face="Gaelic">YOUR_NAME</font></A>.<BR> <BR><font face="Gaelic"> Click for the</font><BR> [<A HREF="" target=_top><font face="Gaelic">Previous</font></A>] [<A HREF="" target=_top><font face="Gaelic">Random</font></A>] [<A HREF="" target=_top><font face="Gaelic">Next Site</font></A>] [<A HREF="" target=_top><font face="Gaelic">Skip Next</font></A>] [<A HREF="" target=_top><font face="Gaelic">Next 5</font></A>]<BR> <BR><font face="Gaelic">Click here for info on how to join</font> <A HREF="" target=_top><font face="Gaelic">The Ring of Faeries and Elves</font></A>.</TD> <TD align="center" width="15%"> <A HREF="" target=_top> <img src=""border=0></A></TD> </TR> </TABLE></CENTER>

For this code:

copy this code starting with <center> and ending with </center>

<center><a href=""><img src=""border=0></a><br> <a href=""><img src=""border=0></a><br> <a href=""><img src=""border=0></a><br> <a href=""><img src=""border=0></a><br> <a href=""><img src=""border=0></a><br> <a href=""><img src=""border=0></a></center>

If you use this code you must also upload these 6 graphics for it:
They're called:
using the same directions as stated above.

  • ( For those who are already part of The Ring of Faeries and Elves and need to edit your site information (URL, password,or e-mail address) , enter your site ID and password below):

    Edit site information.
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    (URL address,e-mail address,password).

    site ID#:

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    If you have ANY problems, don't hesitate to ask me! I am always willing to help you out!!

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